Welcome to the Alaska Cannabis Institute

The Alaska Cannabis Institute is a primary cannabis education resource in Alaska

The cannabis economy is a knowledge-based economy driven by skills, talent, experience and expertise of workers and professionals. The sudden demand for labor within the cannabis economy is creating a widening gap between the skills and experience workers have and job requirements. Even in Colorado and Washington, more than 71% of cannabis employers say they are having difficulty finding quality workers.

The cannabis industry needs a quality educated workforce. The Alaska Cannabis Institute will address this issue by providing cannabis certificates for students who are looking to earn a living within the cannabis economy. The Alaska Cannabis Institute accommodates working adults with busy life and work schedules.

Earning a certificate from the Alaska Cannabis Institute means you will be more competitive in the cannabis workplace.

The Alaska Cannabis Institute is a great place to start if you want to own a cultivation center, processing center, and retail shop; or you just want to learn how to grow for personal use.

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