Welcome to the Alaska Cannabis Institute

Students that get accepted into the Alaska Cannabis Institute for the Fall 2015 quarter, and complete the program, will be completely prepared to apply for an Alaska marijuana business license. The Alaska Cannabis Institute’s professors will walk students through, step-by-step, the MCB application process. Students, with the assistance of the Institute, will prepare and file their MCB marijuana license. And, in addition to business plans and operational plans, students – with the guidance of the Institute – will prepare and file the proper business documents for their marijuana business.

The cannabis economy is a knowledge-based economy driven by skills, talent, experience and expertise of workers and professionals. The sudden demand for labor within the cannabis economy is creating a widening gap between the skills and experience workers have and job requirements. Even in Colorado and Washington, more than 71% of cannabis employers say they are having difficulty finding quality workers.

The cannabis industry needs a quality educated workforce. The Alaska Cannabis Institute will address this issue by providing cannabis certificates for students who are looking to earn a living within the cannabis economy. The Alaska Cannabis Institute accommodates working adults with busy life and work schedules.

Earning a certificate from the Alaska Cannabis Institute means you will be more competitive in the cannabis workplace.

The Alaska Cannabis Institute is a great place to start if you want to own a cultivation center, processing center, and retail shop; or you just want to learn how to grow for personal use.

What separates the Alaska Cannabis Institute is our curriculum, faculty, and certificate programs.