3 wishes for Alaska’s cannabis industry

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To say there is room for improvement in Alaska’s cannabis industry is a clear understatement. Between the in-fighting, licensing problems, product shortages, and silly pricing, it’s been difficult for entrepreneurs to gain any momentum. It’s about time the cannabis industry does a better job, and we know just where to start. Here are three wishes I have to improve the cannabis industry in Alaska. Do you agree? Tell us what you think the industry should improve upon in the comments.

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Eliminate the industry in-fighting
From the very beginning, Alaska’s cannabis industry has been marred by industry in-fighting. Early on, people saw an opportunity available and began jockeying for position. Deals were hastily put together, and they quickly fell apart. Cliques were created. People ruining other’s reputations and talking behind their back. That’s why my number one wish for the cannabis industry in Alaska is to eliminate the industry in-fighting. Behind each cannabis business is a person or a set of people. Real human-beings dealing with real-life problems. The cannabis industry is challenging enough with the ever-changing rules and regulations, both at the state and federal level. That’s why we need to support each other as people, as well as entrepreneurs.

The industry is “fully”-functional by the time tourists arrive
The MCB’s licensing problems have been well documented. But, I wish the industry will be “fully”-functional by the time tourists arrive in earnest. It’s important Alaska puts its best foot forward. We know a lot of people are traveling to the state this year, and buying marijuana is one of the experiences tourists want to have. We cannot have cannabis retailers out of product or closed for multiple days at a time. Not only is that bad for the tourists, it’s bad for the state. Imagine the amount of taxes that are going to be collected based on tourist’s consumption. It’s my hope that we will be “fully”-functional by the time tourists arrive. I put fully in parenthesis because, although every cannabis business may not be functioning, my hope is we will have enough businesses operating to keep product on the shelves and the doors open.

Designated smoking areas at bars and events
This might be the hottest topic facing the local cannabis industry – smoking areas. It’s a no-brainer that we need social clubs like Potluck Events and others. But, we also need to allow for smoking areas at events and bars too. Cannabis festivals need to be allowed to have cannabis consumption. Music concerts need to be allowed to have cannabis consumption. If we are going to have alcohol tasting festivals then we should be allowed to have cannabis tasting festivals. If there are beer gardens at music concerts, then we should have ganja gardens too. We voted to regulate marijuana like alcohol. That verbiage was chosen for a reason. My wish is that we will finally begin regulating marijuana like alcohol.


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