3rd Annual Cannabis Classic Returns to Anchorage May 20-21

As in years past, the 3rd Annual Alaska Cannabis Classic promises to be one of the most educational and influential events for the state’s cannabis industry with its various venders, speakers, and visiting organizations. The event is being sponsored by Pakalolo Supply Company out of Fairbanks, whose mission is to be the top supplier in the region for marijuana and its related products. Visitors to the event will receive tips and tricks for DIY growers, advice on pest and bug prevention, grow room tips and tricks, cannabis DNA testing information, and much more.

Cannabis Classic

Terpene insight will be one of the alluring educational themes at the event, being that the subject is continuously studied to see exactly how they affect the body when a person uses cannabis. They are essentially organic compounds that affect the way plants taste and how they smell. The major ones that relate closely to cannabis are linalool (which had anti-inflammatory affects), Terpineol (used in perfume and has relaxing affects), geraniol (a natural insect repellant), limonene (which relieves depression), myrcene (which heightens psychic stimulation), pinene (which helps with memory and alertness), humulene (a pain reliever), carene (drugs excess bodily fluids), and caryophyllene (which is found in a number of salves).

Pest and bug control is an ongoing issue that many Alaskan growers deal with, and the Cannabis Classic promises to provide many experts with tips and advice on the subject. There are many animals out there that love the smell and taste of cannabis just as much as we humans do, and there are a few in particular that regularly make cultivation efforts harder. For example, have you had any problems lately with aphids in your cannabis crops? They are so small and pale that you may not have even noticed these pests sucking the nutrients from your plants! You can also get advice at the Cannabis Classic on how to deal with caterpillars, cutworms, and other harmful insects to your plants.

Helpful grow room tips are another reason many will come to this much anticipated event. You’ll learn things like what are the best light supplements to use during cultivation, and also about proper cannabis genetics. You’ll also see how green lights help catch insects, and also how to maintain your mother plants. Experts at the Cannabis Classic will also touch on the benefits of growing organically, and share helpful cropping techniques.

Still, many consumers and sellers alike can’t wait to hear the wonderful speakers at the Cannabis Classic, such as Phylos Bioscience’s own Nishan Karassik. The co-founder of the organization and his associates are continuing to work towards their mission of changing the way marijuana is viewed forever by sequencing the DNA of every type of cannabis known to man. This is an ongoing effort to establish the largest database of cannabis strains ever, so that any single pot sample can be traced to where it originated from, meaning consumers and sellers will be clearer than ever before about what the actual names of strains really are, based on their genetically researched history.

The 3rd Annual Alaska Cannabis Classic will be held on May 20th-21st at the Sullivan Arena in Anchorage.