Alaskan Cannabis Exchange Searching for New Online Members

Loren Dreyer, founder of The Alaska Cannabis Commodities Exchange, has a vision of connecting legal pot growers to the shops in the state that need the product. The fact that there are only a small number of businesses that actually grow cannabis in the state makes him feel like a website such as this one is much needed right now. The web address is, and anyone who signs up has to be licensed in order to buy or sell products there. There is no money exchanged at the site, but business owners and growers have an opportunity to post their products and set up contracts that they can follow through on outside the website.

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This type of website has been created before in other places where marijuana is legal, but some of the same issues continue with these online meeting places. In Dreyer’s case, it has been hard so far to attract members to the site being that folks are simply hesitant to do marijuana-related business online. Still, it is very simple to get into, as long as you have your cannabis license number. Any sellers have the option of posting a fixed price for their product and/or use a bidding format, and they and buyers can also exchange messages easily there.

The first website of this kind was created back in 2015, and was called The Big Green Exchange ( At this cannabis exchange site, whenever a dispensary acquired a new kind of marijuana, there would be an automatic social media post to Twitter and Facebook letting the online followers of that store know that they now had this new type of weed in stock. The Big Green Exchange is based out of Mendocino County, California.

There is no doubt that marijuana exchange websites make the market for cannabis more transparent, and make it much easier for producers to sell and buyers to restock quickly. Overall, in Alaska, the supply of marijuana is not meeting the high demand for cannabis, and it seems like websites such as could be just the line of communication sellers and growers need. Plus, the fact that with the auction pricing option there could be much lowered prices paid by using the site, chances are business owners who were up to this point only trying to grow their own may become more open minded about utilizing the Alaskan Cannabis Commodities Exchange.

Dreyer feels good about his new online cannabis exchange venture, being that he feels he will save growers and sellers lots of time and energy by using the website. They would usually spend hours each week sending out emails and making phone calls, and now this meeting place would make establishing new contacts much less of a headache. He hopes that the site will help to streamline the supply contract process for business owners, especially since he hopes to start his own marijuana retail store in the future.