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experts discussing cannabis at the Cannabis Classic in Portland, OR

State of the Alaska Cannabis Industry (Saturday, May 20 @ 12:15pm)
A lot has happened since marijuana was legalized in Alaska. The Alaska Marijuana Industry Association will provide an update on the condition of Alaska’s cannabis industry to-date, including where the market is headed, what headwinds entrepreneurs face, and what issues the AMIA is working through on behalf of the cannabis industry at-large.

Cannabis Classic

Tips & Tricks to Increase Your Harvest’s Terpene Profile (Saturday, May 20 @ 1:15pm)
For years, growers have focused on maximizing THC; but recently, new science suggests marijuana’s psychoactive effects are shaped by its pungent terpenes. Learn how some of the best growers on the West Coast are boosting their terpene levels and offering consumers a superior product.

How Cannabis DNA Testing Changed the Marijuana Industry (Saturday, May 20 @ 2:15pm)
This seminar will discuss how cannabis DNA testing can help breeders and growers protect their IP and increase cultivation efficiencies; and will give a demonstration of the Phylos Galaxy, an interactive 3-D map of thousands of cannabis varieties collected from 80 countries. This is one of the most advanced topics in the cannabis industry, so for people who are interested in genetics, seeds, breeding, and growing, this seminar is for you

Intellectual Property Protections for Your Cannabis Strains, Products and Businesses (Saturday, May 20 @ 3:15pm)
How do you create and protect your brand? What are practical steps that can be taken by cannabis startups to create strength and brand position? Lean what’s being done in the cannabis space to protect intellectual property and brand identity, and explore what challenges still exist for cannabis IP and brand protection.

Beginner’s Guide to Growing Cannabis at Home (Saturday, May 20 @ 4:15pm)
Cannabis is legal to grow in Alaska if you are 21-years-old. Get started producing your own cannabis after you attend this seminar and learn the basics of starting your own garden at home. Topics to be discussed include watering, lighting, ventilation, cycles, drying & Curing, as well as what equipment is needed, and tips on pest control, pH and more. This seminar is designed for those interested in learning more about growing or starting their own home grow.

The Relationship Between Hops & Cannabis: How the Two Industries Can Work Together (Saturday, May 20 @ 5:15pm)
Combining cannabis and beer is an exciting new trend in the alcohol and cannabis industries. There is a lot of buzz around cannabis infused-beer. This class will explore the link between cannabis and hops, the role of terpenes, and the different kinds of popular drinks to infuse with cannabis.

A Look at Alaska’s Marijuana Products: Insights From a Top Testing Lab (Sunday, May 21 @ 12:15pm)
This discussion will focus on the diversity and variety of products the team at CannTest have tested, as well as areas the state can improve at to better protect consumers while making life easier for the growers. Testing is the keystone to Alaska’s marijuana industry. Every product that hits retail stores comes through the lab first. If you are a cannabis grower, manufacturer, retailer, consumer, or enthusiast, you won’t want to miss this insightful discussion.

Creating Facebook Content That Translates into Followers (Sunday, May 21 @ 1:15pm)
Do you like, heart, and share every behind the scenes photo from your favorite cannabis business? Is Facebook your go-to destination to keep up on what speciality concentrate is being concocted by your favorite artist? With many barriers to advertising in the cannabis industry, Facebook has become one of the most powerful ways to build brand loyalty and drive sales. If you are a cannabis manager, owner, digital strategist, social media manager, content manager, marketing guru, or just a fan of cannabis and social media this panel is a must.

Legal Boot Camp for Newer Cannabis Businesses (Sunday, May 21 @ 2:15pm)
The cannabis industry is unlike any other industry. Entrepreneurs must have some tolerance for risk. But how do you minimize that risk? This lecture will discuss structuring your business; what to expect from investors, lenders, and bankers; employees v. independent contractors; agreements & terms and conditions of business, and much more. This lecture is for entrepreneurs, business owners, lawyers, accountants, managers, and other cannabis professionals, as well as people interested in opening a cannabis business in Alaska.

If I Knew Then What I Know Now: Stories From Alaska’s Licensed Marijuana Businesses (Sunday, May 21 @ 3:15pm)
Cannabis startups can be a daily roller coaster ride! This panel will focus on some of the significant milestones and achievements the panelists have accomplished, as well as some of the missteps and barriers they had to overcome. Being an entrepreneur in any industry is challenging, but cannabis entrepreneurs face a different set of circumstances. If you are an entrepreneur, manager, investor, or a partner, this session will provide insight into some of the risks and rewards associated with the cannabis industry.

Pesticide Use on Cannabis Crops (Sunday, May 21 @ 4:15pm)
Pesticides in marijuana pose a growing problem for cannabis consumers and cultivators. In the late-90s, the federal government hit the tobacco industry with a class-action lawsuit over the fact that cigarette manufacturers knew their product had poison in them. Many people in the cannabis industry believe, in the coming years, that the federal government is going to file a class-action lawsuit against marijuana industry, specifically growers who use pesticides on their crops, because they know pesticides are poisonous, yet they keep using them. If you are concerned about pesticide use in the cannabis industry, which you should be, then you must sit in on this lecture, which will be presented by the Pesticide Control Program Coordinate from the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Extraction Processes, Procedures and Technology (Sunday, May 21 @ 5:15pm)
This session will cover methods and processes that are popular in extraction processing. Learn about filtering techniques such as de-waxing, winterization, and distillation, as well as evaluate different methods and discuss the conflicting schools of thought while exploring the future direction of extractions.

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