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Cannabis Classic
TJs Durban Poison

Anchorage bans commercial grows at home

January 14, 2016 Aaron Waters 0

The Anchorage Planning and Zoning Commission met Monday night to amend Anchorage’s Municipality Code to enable marijuana establishments. The Commission considered 19 different amendments that effect nearly every potential marijuana business in Anchorage. Possibly the […]

2016 Taste of Terps Festival

Gain traction for your business

January 1, 2016 Aaron Waters 0

As the new year commences, cannabis businesses throughout the country are planning their 2016 trade show schedules. Trade shows – which are designed to put businesses in front of their customers – are an important […]

Cannabis Classic
DJ Short Seeds

Cannabis seeds are big business

November 23, 2015 Aaron Waters 0

It’s all in the genes There is a lot of buzz and interest in the cannabis industry about seeds and genetics. Especially with strain branding, the breeding programs are becoming even more important. There is […]