Chena Cannabis Opens Classy Dispensary in North Pole

Fairbanks, Alaska gets new cannabis retail store

The new shop on the block is Chena Cannabis, located on the Richardson Hwy. Walking in you can see a lot of thought went into the layout, remodeled and designed by Chena Cannabis Co-owner Brandon Gilbert and his freind Kevin Garrett out of a roadside one bedroom house. One of the best parts is there are separete entry and exit doors so crowding isn’t really an issue.(Sorry guys-gonna have to cop a feel somewhere else.) It has a high end aura with no stuffiness. It feels like it landed here from Seattle as a baby and grew up in North Pole.

Cannabis Classic

They also carry some nice locally blown glass work from AK Glass like pipes and bongs. One of the hand blown pipes even had the outline of Alaska embedded in real golden heart nuggets in the glass at the end of the bowl.

They are revving up for a full operation from cultivation to customer. Co-owner Sherry Gilbert was beaming about the potential, “We’re going to bring so many jobs into the community in both retail and cultivation.”

She said the first three strains for Chena’s grows will be Sourdough, Trainwreck & Bubblegum. Currently they do have Blueberry (Indica) and Alien Rift (Sativa) and will be getting more soon. They also have extracts, prerolls and gear.

“We are really thankful for other cultivators who have provided us with produt so far because it’s been really hard to find.”

Future plans also include production and sales of edibles and other on-site cannabis related events.

Barring any major problems Chena Cannabis has the looks of being a major hit, pun was intended.

Especially noted were the colorful unbreakable polymer bongs – a very appealing idea for us accident prone types.

While Chena Cannabis is cultivating their specific brands of cannabis, which will be budding soon, at this time they are having trouble keeping the shop stocked up with enough product.

But the plan is that by the time of the grand opening to be held in September or October, they will be ready for a crowd.

The 4.8 out of 5 review score on Weedmaps shows they are taking this seriously and the hospitable atmosphere feels like people who are genuinley interested in the healing powers of cannabis.

Quote From Chena Cannabis profile on Weedmaps:

Chena Cannabis is a brand new recreational marijuana retailer that provides safe and convenient access to high-quality cannabis products to the North Pole cannabis communities.

Acting in full compliance with Alaska Measure 2, Chena Cannabis operates on both fronts of the cannabis industry: cultivation and retail. From seed to shelf, Chena Cannabis cares about its product.

Sporting a classy, clinical feel, Chena Cannabis’ marijuana dispensary is the first of its kind city-wide and, conveniently, it’s easy to access for travelers and residents alike.

Chena Cannabis invites recreational marijuana communities to stop in and chat with their kind and knowledgeable budtenders or to connect online via Facebook, email, or Instagram.