How much does a quarter of weed cost in Anchorage?

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Weed prices are dropping nationwide; just, not in Alaska. That’s not unexpected because the industry is so new. Still, Alaska weed is expensive compared to the rest of the nation.

According to Marijuana Rates, the average cost for a quarter of weed nationwide is $68. But in Anchorage, the cost of 7 grams of marijuana costs $145.97, on average (numbers are based on the prices advertised on Weedmaps by the local Anchorage cannabis retailers). For a comparison, here is the price of a quarter in some other west coast cities:
  • Denver – $69
  • Seattle – $78
  • Los Angeles – $83
  • Portland – $69
  • San Francisco – $87
  • Phoenix – $61
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Back to Anchorage. On average, sativa strains are the most expensive strains in cannabis retail stores, costing consumers $149 per quarter. Indicas are retailing for $145.12 per quarter, and hybrids are running $142.57 per a quarter.

The most expensive product – which can be found at Alaska Buds – is an indica strain called Northern Lights. The product costs $185 per quarter and is grown by Greatland Ganja hydroponically. On the flip side, the most affordable dry flower product is an indica strain called White Widow, and Alaska Fireweed is selling a quarter of it for $122.

So, how are the high prices of weed affecting the industry in Anchorage? Not at all. Consumers don’t seem to be phased by the prices. They are excited to experience buying weed in the over-the-counter market. Stores can’t seem to keep product on the shelves. While prices might be high, consumer sentiment is even higher, which has led to a run on the market.
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