It’s time again for the Cannabis Classic’s cannabis competition

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Break out your best bong and roach-clip, because it’s time again for the Cannabis Classic’s cannabis competition.

Not familiar? Let us fill you in.
Cannabis Classic

The Cannabis Classic competition is a cannabis competition that features Alaska’s finest craft cannabis and cannabis products competing to see which one tops the rest.

The judging period runs April 26, 2017 to May 17, 2017, and the award winners will be announced at the Cannabis Classic Industry Awards Show on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

Still confused? Let’s break it down further.


The Cannabis Classic judging experience is markedly differently from other cannabis competitions. Many cannabis competitions have judges consume upwards of 100 samples in one sitting. That kind of competition structure makes it hard for judges to decipher between samples. The Classic, on the other hand, provides judges with nearly three weeks so they can accurately assess each sample. The Cannabis Classic competition is the premier blind-tasting, consumer-judged cannabis competition. To qualify, judges must complete our judges’ certification program, provided by the Alaska Cannabis Institute, to ensure proficiency and aptitude amongst our judges. In addition, the Classic publishes all of our judges scorecards online for the world to see.

Again, judging happens prior to Cannabis Classic weekend. Each sample is scored on a 100-point scale, and is evaluated over four categories: appearance, aroma, taste, and effect. Scoring is weighted, meaning appearance and smell are worth more points, 30, than taste and effect, which are both worth 20 points each.

Scorecards must be returned to competition officials no later than May 17, 2017; at which point they will be aggregated (which is a fancy way of saying the scores will be added up), and the winners will be announced at the Cannabis Classic Industry Awards Show.


Winners of the Cannabis Classic cannabis competition, along with the winners of the industry awards, will be announced after the exhibitor’s fair at the Cannabis Classic Awards Show on Saturday, May 20, 2017. The awards show will be located at a different venue than the exhibitor’s fair, and tickets to the awards show are sold separately.

For more information about Cannabis Classic weekend, and the full schedule of events, please visit, where you can find information on competing, judging, exhibiting, sponsoring, attending, and much more.

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