News & Notes: Alaska’s Cannabis Industry

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It’s almost June, and for marijuana license holders in Alaska, that means it’s time to complete the marijuana license renewal applications and pay the renewal fees.

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That even includes businesses that recently started. That’s because the rules and regulations dictate that marijuana businesses must renew their licenses annually each June.

Speaking of June, there isn’t a MCB meeting this month. The board holds 10 meetings per calendar year, which means there will be two months where the board doesn’t meet.

The next MCB meeting is scheduled for July 12-13 in Fairbanks. The September meeting will be held in Nome on September 14-15. And the board has moved the December meeting to November, which is tentatively set for November 14-15.

As far as the health of the industry, total sales from October 2016 to May 4, 2017 are $9,735,783.04. The bulk of those sales have been made in 2017, as total sales in 2017 up through May 4, 2017 are $8,065,435.53. Total sales for the last three months are $1,406,287 (Feb.), $2,571,802 (March), $2,864,458 (April).

The market is not firing on all cylinders yet and has gotten off to a slow start. However, the numbers are expect to continue to grow as we head into the tourist season and as more cultivation centers come online, which is underway. Expect the industry to take a couple of years before it’s operating at full capacity.

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  1. Hi, I’ve been searching google but haven’t found what I’m looking for. Do you know where I can find the regulations for starting up a grow facility? Thanks!

    • Google – “Alaska Marijuana Control Board”. Also, Google – “Alaska Marijuana Rules and Regulations.” But specifically, what would you like to know? We have a lot of great resources.

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