Opening an Alaskan Cannabis Cultivation Facility

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KHNS Radio reported that a local resident has recently applied for a Marijuana Cultivation Facility License. She was, of course, on public notice after completing that initial paperwork. The lady who filled out the cultivation facility application, Carol Waldo, is from Haines, and it is reportedly the very first time that a resident from that area has completed this kind of application. According to the official public notice, the 77-year-old Waldo is planning to do business as Glacier Bay Farms. Residents of the area have until May 11th, 2017 to make comments about whether they agree or disagree with Carol applying for a facility. They can feel free to make those remarks to either her, the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office in Anchorage, or to their local government.

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When starting a marijuana business, the business owner should always adhere to all of the state and local laws to avoid any major federal law infractions. When trying to attain licensing and documentation, the kind you’ll receive basically rests on which area your business is located in and exactly what type of marijuana business it is you are trying to establish. For a cultivation venture, the place to begin would be the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development’s Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office website. There, you can begin the process of applying for your Marijuana Establishment License.

You have to have an account with in order to get started, and there is a link there at the department’s website that reads ‘Initiate Marijuana Application’ where you can set up your Username and Password. Next, you should go back to the original page where the link was and scroll down until you see the heading the reads ‘Supplemental Application Documents’.

There is where you should look for your type of marijuana business. For example, a potential cultivation facility business owner should look under the link that reads ‘Standard Marijuana Cultivation Facilities’. They’ll see forms for operating plans, public notice posting, and fees such as the one to attain a Standard Cultivation Facility License, which is currently $5000.

Paying close attention to the regulations and statutes (especially the ones that relate to the particular type of marijuana business you are attempting to establish) is very important for all business owners to do. For example, a cultivation facility owner would probably look closely at Sec. 17.08.030, which are cultivation restrictions. One of the rules is that when marijuana is being grown, it should not be able to be seen by the public eye. This includes having a roof over the plants so that no aircraft can see it, and having the marijuana closed off so that even people with binoculars could not view it as it’s being cultivated. The person growing the weed must also make sure that no one who isn’t authorized to have access to it does, and that the cannabis is grown only on the lawfully-opened property of the grower. If these rules are broken, they can get fines of up to $750 each time.