The Alaska Cannabis Institute is proud to present this year’s Cannabis Classic seminars. Here is the agenda for this year’s seminars:

Saturday, May 20

12:15pm to 1pm – The State of Cannabis Industry in Alaska
1:15pm to 2pm – Tips & Tricks to Increase Your Harvest’s Terpene Profile
2:15pm to 3pm – How Cannabis DNA Testing Changed the Marijuana Industry
3:15pm to 4pm – Intellectual Property Protections for your Cannabis Strains, Products & Businesses
4:15pm to 5pm – Beginner’s Guide to Growing Cannabis at Home
5:15pm to 6pm – The Relationship Between Hops & Cannabis: How the Two Industries Can Work Together

Sunday, May 21

12:15pm to 1pm – A Look at Alaska’s Marijuana Products: Insights From a Top Testing Lab
1:15pm to 2pm – Creating Facebook Content That Translates into Followers
2:15pm to 3pm – Legal Bootcamp For Newer Cannabis Businesses
3:15pm to 4pm – If I Knew Then What I Know Now: Perspectives from Licensed Marijuana Businesses in Alaska
4:15pm to 5pm – Pesticide Use on Cannabis Crops in Alaska
5:15pm to 6pm – Extraction Processes, Procedures, and Technology


And, later in the year we will be presenting the following conferences:


Cannabis Marketing & Tourism Seminar