THCV is the new ‘new thing,’ and an Alaskan is leading the way

THCV is the new cannabinoid on the block
Alaskan leading the way in new cannabinoid research

Recently, Andrew Campbell, sponsored by Cheeky Monkey, won the Best Concentrate award at the 2017 Cannabis Classic in Alaska with a high-THCV shatter called Slim Hash.

Cannabis Classic

What’s THCV, you ask?

THCV is considered the “Sports Car of Cannabinoids,” because it is more strongly psychoactive than THC. In other words, THCV gets you really, really high.

And Andrew Campbell in Alaska is leading the THCV charge. Slim Hash, tested by CannTest in Anchorage for the Cannabis Classic, posted an astonishing THCV reading of 38.44%.

“Well, the truth of the matter is that THCV is an extremely rare and obscure cannabinoid,” said Campbell. “To find the concentrations that we are finding in Slim Hash is truly remarkable.”

To give you an idea of how rare THCV has been in recent years, the highest-testing concentrate for THCV on record occurred at the 2014 High Times Seattle U.S. Cannabis Cup, called Ace of Spades Shatter by Category 5, which tested at 2.4% THCV. Campbell’s Slim Hash has 16-times more THCV content than Ace of Spaces.

“THCV is the new ‘new thing’,” Campbell said. “What I mean by that is – first, everybody was excited about CBD, which was a whole new application for the plant. Next is going to be THCV, which is a new application for the plant because it can be used for weight loss, diabetes management, PTSD, and other ailments.”

THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, has gained some fame lately due to it’s potency, rarity and promising medicinal values. While commonly found in sativas, an article in the American Journal of Botany found that most strains contained THCV, but it in very small numbers.

But in recent years, according to Steep Hill Labs, two high-THCV strains have been created, one named Pineapple Purps and the other called Doug’s Varin. Pineapple Purps was created with a THC-to-THCV ratio of 3:1, yielding 12% THC and 4% THCV. Doug’s Varin was created with a THC-to-THCV ratio of 6:7, the first strain the lab has evaluated that has more THCV than THC.

The hunt for high-THCV strains is heating up because researchers are quickly realizing how beneficial this particular cannabinoid is.

In a study conducted in part by GW Pharmaceuticals, scientists have determined that THCV is a new potential treatment against typer-2 diabetes and obesity because it acts as a glucose and insulin regulator.

Research also suggests THCV acts as an appetite suppressant, bone growth stimulant; it’s good for treating PTSD and anxiety; and it reduces blood sugar levels, as well.

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