What are the Marijuana Charges Against Charlo Greene?

Charlo Greene

Some hate her, some call her a hero. But, however you feel about her, Charlo Greene will go down in history as Alaska’s most memorable advocate for medical marijuana. For those who don’t know who she is, Charlo is a former reporter from KTVA News 11. Why is she not working there anymore? Well, on September 22nd 2014, the then 26-year-old African-American woman was doing a report on an organization called The Alaska Cannabis Club. The club’s mission was to help Alaska medicinal marijuana cardholders who needed the drug have an easier way to get their medication. At the time, the club’s main goal was to push their campaign which was started to ensure that Ballot Measure 2 was passed on November 4th, 2014.

Cannabis Classic

Ballot Measure 2 was an Alaska State Statute that would make the manufacturing, sale and possession of cannabis legal. It would also allow anyone who was over the age of 21 to have in their possession up to an ounce of marijuana, and they could also have up to six plants. After getting through the entire on-air report, Greene revealed that she herself was actually the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, and that she from that point on would dedicate all of her energy to advocating. “And, as for this job,” Greene said about the current station where she was employed, “not that I have too much of a choice but, f*ck it, I quit.” She then casually walked off the set.

The video went viral, and many of her supporters say that it was brilliant to use her news story as sort of a commercial for her business. The problem was that recreational marijuana wasn’t legal just yet and, during the time, people who wanted “memberships” to the Alaska Cannabis Club were giving “donations” and received marijuana in exchange. The police raided Greene’s home twice and made many undercover weed purchases. According to a 2016 report from The Christian Science Monitor, she now has fourteen charges of “misconduct involving a controlled substance”, which could get her 54 years behind bars.

Reports indicate that Greene didn’t do the marijuana transactions herself. But, because she was the owner of the club, she received the charges being that the organization was under her name. Many also feel that the fact that Greene is African-American is why the marijuana-related charges are so harsh. She was arrested at the Canadian border in February of 2016 after being recognized as the “fuck it, I quit” marijuana reporter. The police strip searched her, found nothing more than residue in the bottom of her purse, then held her in jail for nine hours. According to World Cannabis, she was charged with smuggling marijuana into Canada. Greene later released a statement on one of her Facebook posts that followed the arrest where she said that there was less residue of weed on her than there was lint.